Python Scripting - Handbook for VFX artists

Updated: Oct 9, 2020 - A journey of automation 

Last updated: 09/10/2020

Python Scripting - Handbook for VFX artists can be downloaded here

Download PDF • 14.23MB

Time has come to release the first pass of this book with 50 pages. In this version of the release, I have finalised the look and feel of the book, which includes a cover page, main headings, content placement, presentation style, Individual page design and specific colour for the code. This version of the release of this book is mainly to finalise these. 

Hope you guys love the design.

And I am going to release asNode source code soon. asNode will be explained in this book for 'OOP - object-oriented programming'.

asNode : Workflow For asNode In Auto Rigging (Part 01)

asNode : Workflow For asNode In Auto Rigging (Part 02)

asNode : Workflow For asNode In Auto Rigging (Part 03)

Source code for some of my tools will be available at this link soon for practice sessions in this book.

In my next post, details of some of these tools which are going to be discussed in this book can be revealed.

Alexandra Papouchina is helping me while correcting the sentence framing in this book without losing the original meaning, out of her busy schedule. More About Editor is on page 4. Thanks a lot, Alex for your great help on this...

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